Robin’s Technical Expertise


Robin’s caseload in recent years has included work in the following technical fields, among others.

Automotive Engineering – braking systems; transmissions; steering systems; driver assistance systems including stability control, ABS and haptic feedback through steering assistance; exhaust gas converters; lambda control; fuel injection; power take off systems; cooling systems; hydraulics; KERS.

Other mechanical engineering - cyclonic separators; flood defence systems; gas turbine exhausts; skis and ski bindings; powder metal manufacturing; 3D printing; riser systems for hydrocarbon extraction including bend restrictors, bend stiffeners and distributed riser buoyancy; cable protection systems; cable clamps; trams; exercise apparatus; gun cartridges; heat engines; acoustic emission transducers; composite materials; macrosphere manufacture; hydrocarbon storage; thermal insulation; righting devices for boats; automatic inflators for marine safety devices; horticultural devices; pet hygiene devices; kitchen aids; electronic scales; trampolines; fluid seals; fall arresters; cargo containers; shipbuilding; shelf-ready packaging.

Computing – GUIs; data compression; motion capture for animation; caching and memory access strategies; rendering; graphics processors; pipeline architectures; touch-sensitive devices; encryption; mobile device security; permissions management; thin client architectures; printer technologies; compilers; program build systems; online gaming; data loss detection; ethernet exchanges; malware protection; mobile technologies; call handling software; packet routing; routers; resource scheduling; phase change memories; flash memories; image enhancement; modelling of fluids; media streaming; royalty-based content distribution; semiconductor device testing; optical scanners; digital archiving; multicasting; content targeting techniques; use of decoy content; spam filters; media sharing systems; media content identification; print stream generation; rasterisation.

Medical – imaging technologies including X-ray generators, linear accelerators and computer aided tomography; image guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery; hernia mesh systems; mechanical massagers; catheters; blood sugar monitoring; impactor testing; contraceptive devices; endoscopes; treatment planning; artificial sphincters; swallow detection devices; microdermabrasion; sleep apnoea protection; cerumen removal; stoma plasters.

Electrical/Electronic – solid state technology including silicon and polymer device structures and manufacture; optical and infra-red LED technologies; filtering; control theory; magnetrons; power factor correction; batteries, chargers and associated safety systems; electrical actuators and servo systems; DIDO and MIMO wireless; physical circuit design methodologies; PCB power dissipation; antenna design; robotics; optical imaging; capacitor manufacture; wireless proximity estimation; adaptive RF beam forming; optical fibre technologies; charge coupled devices; alarm systems; photovoltaic devices; FETs; ultrasonic devices; scanning beam devices; IC packaging and mounting; sensor technologies; avionic lighting systems; circuit breakers; photoelectron spectroscopy; optical fibre technologies; elasto-optical devices; elapsed time indicators; RF tags; voltage regulators; respiration monitoring; transaction card technologies; optical fuel quality assessment; composite materials; charge pumps; silicon nitride deposition; capacitor arrays for interconnects.

Green Technologies – solar cells for water dissociation; wave power; geothermal power; waste heat exploitation; technologies for coupling alternative power sources to power grids; motor vehicle kinetic energy recovery systems.

Working with us

We know the law but it’s you that best understands your technology and your market. Strong patents that serve your commercial goals are typically the result of a close and lasting collaboration between patent attorney and client. Client relationships are all important to Bartle Read and in order to foster them we are:


 …in the way that we work with you. Lines of reporting should be set up for your convenience, not ours.


We will often need you to take decisions or to give technical input, but in matters of patent law it is always us that should be proposing solutions to problems.

Plain Spoken

Patents and patent law are ridden with jargon but it’s our job to make sense of it for you, not to bamboozle you with it.
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