David's Technical Expertise


David’s caseload in recent years has included work in the following technical fields, among others.

Life sciences – multiplex vaccines; microaggregates; microencapsulation; yeast cell wall microencapsulation; matrices for stem cells; gene therapy; antibody-based technology; animal health; drug delivery; high throughput screening of drugs; immunology; genomics; proteomics; pharmaceutical formulations; pharmaceuticals; plant biotechnology; recombinant DNA technology; Supplementary protection certificates; nanoparticle-ligands; pesticides; antioxidants; anti-cancer treatment and methods; oncology; chemotherapies; plasmids; biosimilars; generics; pharmaceuticals for the treatment of neurological disorders; therapeutics; imaging agents and methods of use; stem cell therapy; allograft technology; xenograft technology; microbiology, molecular biology; RNA and DNA technologies; gene silencing; cancer markers; chemokine receptor binding technology; virology; anti-virals; radiolabelling; blood analytics; enzymes; thermotherapy; real time gene sequencing; antibody therapy; stem cell therapy; treatment of auto-immune disease;

Medical devices – assay devices; ultrasound devices; stents; biomarkers; imaging apparatus; magnetic nanoparticle conjugates; tissue engineered fibrocartilage replacement; diagnostic apparatus; diagnostic assays; micro-arrays; apparatus for processing biological material; braces for limbs; prosthetics; intraocular prosthetics; allograft and xenograft technology; catheters and delivery devices;

Pharmaceuticals – APIs; excipients; delivery agents; methods of manufacturing pharmaceuticals; optimisation; formulation; patent term extension and supplementary protection certificates.

Chemical – nanotechnology; q-dots; polymers; polymers; polyamide polyols and polyurethanes; biopolymers; petrochemicals; processing of petrochemicals; lubricants; functionalised chromatographic materials; agrochemicals; capsules; de-icing compositions; polyamides; emollient compositions; micro-porous polymers; fragrances; functionalised nanoparticles; coatings; powder coatings; purification of nucleic acid; sealants; anti-seize compounds; compositions for use in drilling operations; PTFE tubes; rubber compositions; polyester oligomers; herbicidal compositions.

Food science – encapsulation of nutrients; manufacture of food stuffs; manufacture of frozen foodstuffs and formulation; hydrogels; packaging; processing of actives in foodstuffs; water-dispersible compositions; food and beverage containers; methods to modulate levels of actives in foodstuffs; isolation of nutraceuticals; taste masking; preservation compositions and methods.

Mechanical – containment valves for the pharmaceutical industry; clean rooms; petrochemical drilling; cleaning apparatus; methods of filtration; fluid filters; air dryer systems; methods of manufacturing micro-arrays; coupling assemblies; simple mechanical devices; modular building materials; subsea cutting devices; wellbore technology; dispensing apparatus; sprayers; control devices; agricultural tools and devices.

Fast moving consumables – FTO, due diligence, enforcement and defence work for a well-known high street retailer.

Green technologies – biomass processing; biofuels; water treatment.

Working with us

We know the law but it’s you that best understands your technology and your market. Strong patents that serve your commercial goals are typically the result of a close and lasting collaboration between patent attorney and client. Client relationships are all important to Bartle Read and in order to foster them we are:


 …in the way that we work with you. Lines of reporting should be set up for your convenience, not ours.


We will often need you to take decisions or to give technical input, but in matters of patent law it is always us that should be proposing solutions to problems.

Plain Spoken

Patents and patent law are ridden with jargon but it’s our job to make sense of it for you, not to bamboozle you with it.
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